The Packing Scene

Pack – a group of animals (noun), to bundle together items for transport (verb)

Today, I’ll be persuading my passengers to bundle our items for the departure tomorrow morning at 6:00am. We plan to leave the house early so we can stop in Old Quebec City for a few hours before another trek to Edmundston, New Brunswick. At the breakfast table this morning George said, “We’ll have to scrape Sean out of bed, you know?” I know this scene, but for today, I’m going to focus on packing just enough for one week.

Fergie keeps nudging me to pet her and uses her snout to lift my arms from the keyboard.

She demands attention, and I’m reminded that we’ll be away for seven doggy weeks in her world.IMG_0759

e4822cc5-b050-49e0-bb3c-d28ba40a804d My dad will look after the watering of my garden and we should return to lots of tomatoes, kale, spring onions, and, if the weather warms, some peppers. IMG_1205I’m packing enough running gear for several days of distance runs; we need to lengthen our distances as we prepare for the Army Half Marathon in September. I’m also taking The Great Gatsby to read and share with Sean in preparation for grade 12 University English next year. I’ve got the audio version read by Jake Gyllenhal on my iPhone as a back up in case he’d rather listen to parts of it. It’s a dense and brilliant read that, despite the scant 179 pages, never fails to reveal some new insight.

A few weeks back, Sean and I downloaded a couple of games on my iPad for use in the car.

FullSizeRenderSydney is off to Rotary Home for some respite care. George will drop her off at 3pm today with her wheelchair and enough clothes for the 10 days that she will be there. This will be her last visit as a youth since she is turning 21 years old! George will play soccer tonight, then pick up Mackenzie from his new apartment in downtown Ottawa.


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