The Travel Scene: Quebec City

We left Ottawa this morning at 6:30am with everyone awake and read for the long drive to Quebec City. A quick stop for breakfast and coffee at Tim Horton’s and we were on the road. IMG_1253Mackenzie’s new selfie stick was proving to be a useful investment for group pictures and his new phone takes great shots of the bridge across the St. Lawrence river as we drove into Quebec City.  IMG_1252 We navigated through old Quebec City and parked in the Chateau Frontenac, then walked around the streets taking in the art work IMG_1234 IMG_1221

and sat in the pews of the Notre Dame Cathedral IMG_1218IMG_1238. Some buildings had signs from the 15th and 26th century IMG_1223 rode the funicular  IMG_1221IMG_1233and walked up the Plains of Abraham which reminded us of the history lessons which taught us how this wonderful country was founded. IMG_1243IMG_1225 After a few hours walking, we drove another few hours to Edmundston where we ate in the hotel restaurant and where we are sleeping for the night. It has been wonderful sharing these moments as a family.

The hotel beds are calling…zzz

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