The Halifax Scene

We slept so well last night in Edmundston and got on the road in good time. We filled the gas tank and our coffee mugs, got breakfast to go, and Mack drove the whole way while Sean and I played Ticket to Ride on my iPad, and we listened to a huge range of music from Ed Sheeran, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Sum 41 to Third Eye Blind, Taylor Swift, and reluctantly, a country hit from Andy Grammer. It was cloudy as we arrived 6 hours later in Halifax.

IMG_1270  But we knew that some sunshine would be headed this way, so we checked into the hotel, and quickly made our way to the boardwalk of Halifax harbour, one block from our hotel.  IMG_2049 We walked on board the CSS Acadia IMG_2029 IMG_2037 IMG_2039

We shoIMG_2033pped for tshirts, and souveniers  IMG_2029 then made our way to Pier 21 though we knew it was nearing closing time. This monument to immigration was lovely,  IMG_2060    and there were others for fallen naval officers IMG_1275

After visiting Pier 21 briefly, we knew that we would have to return tomorrow and that we needed to find a place for supper.

We wanted to eat on an outdoor patio to experience all the the harbour has to offer and we found a lovely place called “The Bicycle Thief”. Mack had fresh halibut, Sean had lobster chowder and we had lovely fresh salads with asparagus and beans.  

IMG_1279 We found a place to rent Segways and we plan on booking a couple of hours for this unique experience, but tomorrow we will hang ten!

One thought on “The Halifax Scene

  1. Sounds like the whole family had a great time 🙂 I hope the month of August is just as wonderful and relaxing!


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