Pier 21 and the Halifax Farmer’s Market

IMG_2061 Mackenzie shared his knowledge of Pier 21 in Halifax and we decided this was a must see visit. The first time that we walked down the boardwalk after our dinner at The Bicycle Thief, we arrived too late, so we planned another visit.

This time we knew we were early enough to visit both the museum and the Halifax Farmer’s Market where George and I got to indulge in some raw food goodies from Fruition.


Once inside the exhibit, we walked through the displays towards an auditorium for a modern film about immigration to Canada.

IMG_1356 (1)

Here is a link to the Pier 21 site and there is a trailer of the film we watched: http://www.pier21.ca/halifax-things-to-do/pier-21-museum


It was the most remarkable and moving film showing many of the stories of new Canadians and how this country is so valued throughout the world. We all walked out in tears swelling with pride and having a better understanding of the struggles our frieIMG_1546nds and family had in coming to this country and we dressed up in period costumes at the end of the film to lighten the mood.

At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to search for the records of our family’s journeys to Canada.George was able to get a copy of the original manifest as his family left Ireland and he learned that he was 5 years old when he left for Australia.

My parents came through a port in Quebec, but the employee helping us gave me a form to request copies of the manifest which I’ll do soon.

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