The Halifax Scene 2

We started the day with a breakfast at The Bluenose II Restaurant where we had “the best breakfast” in town, and it was the best breakfast in town! Sean had a stack of pancakes that he couldn’t finish, and Mackenzie had eggs, bacon, sausage, and home fries that were truly, home fries. George and I broke with our raw food diet and indulged in the homefries, but stayed true with a bowl of fresh fruit on the side.

IMG_1296 (2)

On our way back to the hotel, walking through a light rain, Mackenzie noIMG_1297ticed the Nova Scotia Art Gallery and we decided to drop in on a whim. This visit was amazing and we were all captivated by the art of Maud Lewis and other artists from Nova Scotia. The house of Maud Lewis was so small that it fit inside the museum; her story beginning with arthritis which stunted her growth and disabled her for most of her life, is compelling and inspiring. We bought Christmas cards adorned with her art, and a few other small gifts for family.



Mackenzie paid close attention to the wood cutting boards and creations as he is looking at making a small business out of wood working.





Sean expressed his enjoyment with art galleries and museums which surprised me and I vowed that we would visit the Alex Coville eIMG_1300xhibit at the National Art Gallery before the suIMG_1288mmer is out.

We left theIMG_1287 gallery feeling energized and ready to explore more of this remarkable gem of a city. But first, we needed some clothing and sundry items. After a quick workout at the hotel gym, we found a large shopping mall in the centre of the city and found some great stores with lots of selection. The boys already knew about East Coast Lifestyle clothing so we found a store and stocked up on hoodies and tank tops.

As we drove back to the hotel, we came across the Halifax Public IMG_1321Gardens, so we spontaneously pulled over, parked and took in the beauty of a myriad of plants and trees and wildlife; this santuary in the heart of the coastal town is a unique space and it revitalized us, energized us, and brought a sense of peace only found in nature.



Sean was really taken by the cherry blossoms and both boys commented on the calming effects of being in a natural setting. Sean said that he wished we had something similar in Ottawa, and I reflected on the Experimental Farm and the National Botanical Gardens realizing that we needed to explore our own city when we get home. Mackenzie said there is a special exhibit at the war museum in Ottawa, so we will plan a family visit soon.

IMG_1333   IMG_1346

I thought of my mother and her gardening prowess wishing she were with me to tell me about the plants and flowers we were seeing.

IMG_1316Supper at The Argyle closed out the evening, hand made sundried tomato and cheese pizza for Mack, a massive burger for Sean, and we all flopped into bed exhausted but contented. We felt like real explorers today and so proud to be Canadian.


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