Setting Matters: Making Learning Stick

I’ve been thinking a lot about the design of my next classroom, and it’s exciting; it’s like buying a new house and designing the space for living. I want my classroom to create a sense of community and safety. I want it to promote critical thinking and discussion, so it will be important for  me to consider each element of the room. I will need to think about the walls as well as the floor space.

Wall space has occupied my learning a great deal this year with the popularity of “vertical non-permanent surfaces” or VNPs. I’ve learned a great deal from two math teachers, Alex Overwijk and Laura Wheeler, but these are math teachers, and I’m an English teacher.

How can these surfaces work on the walls of an English classroom?

How can I use wall space and stations like my former student, now Elementary teacher, Kim Noxon? These are photos of her classroom.

I also read this article from Edutopia about classroom design and it got me thinking about a new classroom model for next year when I’ll be teaching at South Carleton High School.

Another inspiration came from this picture posted on Facebook by Kelsey Brown from Longfields Davidson Heights High School.

She said “the idea started with the thought bubble post it notes that I found at Walmart. My grade eleven class has some very enthusiastic learners and some very observant students. I find with Life of Pi, the discussion part of the course and sharing ideas is quite important for comprehension. Depending on the day, discussion can occur and be quite successful; however, I decided to put up the ‘What Stuck with you today?’ board to encourage the students who are not as comfortable with speaking in front of everyone. The board is getting a wide mixture of ideas – some direct quotations, some interpretations of theme, and some general words of wisdom.”

Next Steps:

Finish reading Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

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