Done – 20/31 #SOL20

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve got nothing more.

(Click on the table)

“You expect me to work independently, without you? Like, I can just crawl inside that pea-brain and figure out the words on my own?”

(Silence with only breathing)

“I know you’re struggling, sitting there with your head in your hands, taking deep sighs expecting some muse to suddenly appear. But, I can’t do this without you! We have to do it together.


“Okay… I get it. You’re not paying attention to me because you’ve run out of ideas, you think your writing all sounds the same like some banal-grey-oatmeal-mush of blah! Ya, and maybe you’re even feeling a bit sorry for yourself in your impotence, like some imposter pretending to be a writer, maybe even pretending to a be a teacher – and ya, I know that one hurts the most, but, geez… Get a grip on me and start! Start somewhere! Hell, start anywhere. Start in India on the balcony of some lush palace. Start in Australia in a remote village. Start…”

Wait, what? Why would I want to start somewhere that I’ve never been?


“Because you’ve never been.”

(Click from the table)

I guess I could write some kind of a dialogue, but, not one with people – done that already. Maybe…one with an object. Like a pen, and even if it doesn’t feel good, at least I’m writing something different and stretching myself.


“Uh huh. Looks like you’re already done.”

12 thoughts on “Done – 20/31 #SOL20

  1. Talking to yourself again? I love this inner dialogue that doesn’t seem like inner dialogue.

    It is hard to come up with stuff to write every day, but that’s the point. That’s why I love this challenge!

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  2. Oh, the frustration of writer’s block, especially this far into the SOLSC! Good job working through the not-knowing-what-to-write-but-doing-it-anyway.

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  3. Very creative! I especially like the line “you think your writing all sounds the same like some banal-grey-oatmeal-mush of blah.” Well done!

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  4. Gave yourself a good lecture, eh? Self, I say… Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to kick our own backsides and get a grip on the pen and ourselves. Love the stream of consciousness format and the breaks in this slice. BTW, why does that list of topics so inspired when first collected now feel so blah? Asking for a friend.

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      1. Have you read Melissa Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”? It changed my thinking about inspiration and how we respond to ideas that come our way.

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  5. The hard part is less hard once we actually start. This slice is a great illustration of one way to work through that dialogue with the demons who would rather see us sit down and shut up. You won this round. Means your stronger for the next ones.

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