Quarantine Learning Levity 22/31 – #SOL20

This morning, I  learned that I have a few hidden talents. I discovered that when you are unaware that your male-dominated household has left the powder room toilet seat up, you can brace your rearend fall towards the water in the bowl by quickly raising both feet, bracing them against the walls in front of you as you lean forward with outstretch arms. (This only works in a very small bathroom.) The first time this happened, I was surprized by my agility, balance, and core strength. The second time I was surprized by my potty mouth, and the third time I was prepared.

I’m also learning that my husband is a new-age philosopher. I should, of course, have known this already as my two sons often celebrate his unique way of thinking and communicating. I’d been telling him about my concerns for students and what would happen following the weeks of March Break. Glancing down was he was examining the latest hydro bill, he said, “Well, one way or another they’re going to have to make a decision or not make a decision.” My head cocked sideways as the words fell out of his mouth, and I knew this was one of those rare gems my sons value so much. He was absolutely right, of course, and he had just dispensed one of the wisdoms that the boys refer to as “a George”.

Finally, I just learned that my brother-in-law who is a truck driver has turned into a celebrity of sorts. The shelves are somewhat bare at most stores in British Columbia where he lives and he’s working more hours delivering than he has in a long time. He called long distance on his way to make a delivery at a local grocery store and told us about his recent fame. He’s so popular that he can’t even get the ramp on his 18 wheeler down before the shoppers are hauling crates of toilet patper out of his cab. Even the porta-potties along his drive were places of theft, emptyless holders bereft of whatever no-name recycled one-ply that industry donates to temporary squatters.

But all of this aside, I am learning that keeping a sense of humour helps ease the isolation and there is lots of room for learning even in quarantine.

13 thoughts on “Quarantine Learning Levity 22/31 – #SOL20

  1. “The second time I was surprised by my potty mouth”–ha! That made me laugh. I love that your sons refer to each of your husband’s nuggets of wisdom as “a George”. Fabulous! There are light moments in these crazy days. Thanks so much for sharing a few of yours here.

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  2. Very funny! Your famous brother won’t know how to go back to normal after his 15 minutes are up. I think one of the main takeaways from this whole pandemic is that people really do need to stock up on toilet paper EVERY TIME IT GOES ON SALE!

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  3. I have an image of you in the bathroom performing that acrobatic trick, and I can’t unsee it! Do thank your brother for working so tirelessly. I’m surprised customers are allowed into the loading dock area. I’d love to hear more “Georges.” Even when we don’t decide, we decide, yes?

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  4. Yep I can recall more than a few “George’s”! Great tales Mel, I truly enjoyed reading them. Tell me when I can expect your first book!

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