Falling in love – 31/31 #SOL20

Since I’ve been writing daily, I’ve occasionally lost my sense of time and space which is common when you fall in love. Writing and commenting in this space, where teachers gather and share and comment – this has been my daily anchor – a routine that can be relied upon.

And since I’ve been writing daily, I’ve noticed changes in myself. Writing has slowed my thinking and my responding. I have fallen in love again. Although writing takes time, it was a luxury that I afforded myself and often, it came before anything else. There was one day this week, as I was doing my usual thinking and researching potential topics for writing, when it occurred to me that curiosity is a form of empathy.

I fell in love again because I became increasingly curious about the ways that others wrote, about the topics they chose, and about them as human beings. I watched the emotional waves of life experiences rise and fall and rise again. I watched the comments lift and support and validate all of the diverse voices. This space became a place for me to visit and stop by a stranger’s place for a chat. This witnessing of the stories unfold and the sharing of emotions which, at times, were so deeply personal made me realize that in this community of writers, there is an unwritten code of trust. A trust that writers can share the private parts of themselves with no risk. The writers are always supported in this web of care. And then, I realized that we were participating in an act of love.

One of my favourite philosophers is Cornell West. I love his wild and wonderful hair, the gap in his teeth, his infectious laugh and smile, but most importantly his incredible intellect. He has the rare ability to distill a complex topic to something tangibly human. He said, that “Justice is love made public”. And since I believe that this is true, then this blog space is justice in action.

I want to thank everyone for their love in this space.

P.S. This list is not exhaustive, but I am forever grateful for the writing and feedback from the following:

Sherri Spelic

Elisabeth Ellington

Glenda Funk

Susan Kennedy

Eddie Hren

My new friend, Lisa Corbett

And my dear friend, Amanda Potts




9 thoughts on “Falling in love – 31/31 #SOL20

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Being a part of this community (my 13th year!!) has done more for me as a teacher of writers than any other PD I have engaged in. I know what it is like to be a writer, to give and get feedback that moves a person forward, and of course I have improved my craft. I’m so glad you have found this space!!

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  2. “Curiosity is a form of empathy.” Now there’s a phrase that I am going to contemplate for a while. I am so glad you joined this challenge, so glad you found this web of care, so glad that I call you my friend. Here’s to writing (and talking and podcasting and yoga-ing and teaching) together for a long time to come.

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  3. I am grateful to have the privilege of reading your words every day. I hope you will continue to write. I believe it will sustain us and give us the strength that we will need for our students and so many others. I am not truly releasing you. I will be looking for your writing on Tuesdays and next March. May your blessings be exactly he blessings you need.


  4. Yes, being in love and an act of love! This is beautifully written- “He said, that ‘Justice is love made public’. And since I believe that this is true, then this blog space is justice in action.” Thank you for sharing your reflections with the world.

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  5. I also believe “writing is a form of empathy.” I think often about the empathetic imagination, which was the subject of my MA thesis, and the way writing us forces and empowers us to feel what others feel through their lives realities. I’ve loved connecting w/ you this month. You’ve pushed my writing through the beauty of your syntax. I’m so glad Amanda invited you into this community. 😘🥰

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    1. I’d love to read that thesis! I hope we can continue this writing as Elisabeth suggested on Twitter and I’m so glad to have spent time here with your writing, my mentor texts and your meaningful feedback.

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