Myth 18/31 #SOL

(Today’s writing prompt asked for an “origin story” or a myth and this is what I wrote alongside my students.)

Melanie was born in the darkest of nights at the cusp of daylight. She sprang as stream of white light from green soil crusted with leaves and damp shoots of ferns, mosses, and lichen, and her voice pierced the air like an arrow shot from her mouth landing in the belly of her water-mother. Wounded, her mother sank to the bottom of a large lake where she lay screaming to her daughter who did not hear for many years. Instead, Melanie looked to the forest and fauna for guidance where the trees became her keepers and the birds became her siblings. There she wandered and kept records of their appearances drawing them and learning their names. 

In time the trees transformed and she knew that she needed a new home, so she set out on a journey of discovery. She visited strange worlds with mosques and delicious food – chai offered in every doorway – then swam down rivers with damaged manatees before she heard her water-mother’s voice calling her home.

Water-Mother | 2016 | Natalie Field Photography
Water Mother by Natalie Field Photography:

7 thoughts on “Myth 18/31 #SOL

  1. Well, this is fun. I like the nature imagery. Your story reads like an allegory. The image is a lovely touch.

    BTW, your link on TWT isn’t working. I’m going to add a comment and share the link.

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