Essay Transitions 26/31 #SOL


this is hard and frustrating and intellectually exhausting

what you are doing now is foundational,

transferring mind to page –

thoughts to words –

a mess

wrestled for sharing.


this shape so seemingly firm and rigid

as flexible

and bend with the form

to make it fit your vision.

Connect you to us and

after each example that enlightens


bringing a microscope to the mind and

invite the artist within

to speak

to add beauty

and insight

to this chore,




8 thoughts on “Essay Transitions 26/31 #SOL

  1. Lines I love:
    * transferring mind to page –
    * invite the artist within
    * nonetheless, / consequently, / therefore.

    I’ve long believed we should teach the poetry and lyricism of essay writing, that to separate them into disparate genres robs the essay of art, the poetry of discourse. I hope you share this wonderful poem w/ your students.

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  2. I really appreciate the encouragement that runs through this poem. “bend with the form/ to make it fit your vision.” offers so much possibility and room for the writer in each of your students to emerge. I fully agree with Glenda and hope that you’ll share this poem with them. It’s from the heart and they’ll feel it.

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  3. It is a chore, but it is the ultimate artistry – the power of writing as the vehicle for ideas. Some essays I’ve read are more beautiful than poems. Wrestling yes – and then the great craftsmanship of bending the form to fit the vision – so well-said. Love the artfulness of transitions here, too.

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  4. “invite the artist within/ to speak” I love this reflection on how you encourage your students to engage with the essay. I’ve spent all week encouraging mine & I kind of want to share this poem with them.

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