Not the day #SOL2022 11/31

Today is not

the day

to tackle that


you’ve been putting


But, I do anyway,



others crash



knocking out breath.

12 thoughts on “Not the day #SOL2022 11/31

  1. This poem is a force. I read it twice, trying to determine if there was a specific event linked here. All I can think of is either you trying to move something forward and no one wanting to because of march break (colleagues), or an internal struggle with yourself to get things accomplished. Or I am totally wrong. Either way that poem was…phew.

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  2. I agree with Heidi: this poem is powerful. The turning point, “but I do, anyway” is rhythmically powerful and the crashing, the loss of breath – power. My the next few days bring more calm.

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  3. Wow, sounds like we had the same day. I wrote on a stickie during that roughing meeting, just because I disagree, it doesn’t make me wrong, just because you think it, it doesn’t make it truth. I am holding onto that.

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  4. Contemplating the force of “not the day” – what that builds to then be met at the end with crashing, breath knocked out by words being said. Taking the poem apart this way I’m hearing it differently than in my first go. I feel more of the tension, a crescendo. “speak words / others /crash / against me” – this combination has me wondering about the dynamics, the power dynamics, specifically. There is so much here in these few words, the tower they build, the assault they imply. Chewing on this one.

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    1. I’m so pleased that the power dynamics were evident here. I keep thinking about the privilege to leave issues unaddressed, and the dismissiveness that happens when I raise them.

      Thank you for seeing this.

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