Sign #SOL2022 19/31

I don’t know. Should I just leave it at that? Or, do you want to know the story?

This week we were driving back from an errand in the west end of Ottawa when I saw this sign. I read it three or four times before it became clear and I burst out laughing, pointing so my husband could see, then quickly Googled the company. While searching we speculated: private detectives? cyber security? a fencing company? home security?

Nope. A bookkeeping service. We stared out through the front windshield somewhat confused. We thought about it. Talked about it. A bookkeeping service that is none-of-your-business? Does that mean they keep secrets in the books? Whose business are they in if not yours?

I’ve never seen humour and confusion used so effectively before. And I guess I won’t know the whole story, because clearly, it’s none of my business.

6 thoughts on “Sign #SOL2022 19/31

  1. I needed that laugh…my mind went to much sexually explicit businesses first (not going to lie). I also love how you googled it.
    Confusion and humour do really work here — I wonder if this would be an interesting way to show students humour in different contexts?

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  2. That is hilarious and it took me multiple readings as well! Too funny! The only thing I can compare this sign to, is the one my hubby sees every time he goes to Missouri to hunt. It is a gas station where the fuel up and buy snacks: Pump and Munch! Thanks for your sense of humor! I needed it!

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  3. I love this sign! I’m trying to imagine the conversation around the table when they decided that THIS was what they were going with. Or the look on the receptionist’s face when they realized they’d have to say those words every time someone called. Or the awkward moment of introduction at trade shows and conferences. Or or or…

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