Unless #SOL2022

I’ve been struggling with my committment to write each week, so I wrote with my students today using sentence stems of subordinating conjunctions. Unless I begin…

Unless I reconsider the tug,

that habitual retreat

to isolation,

I will no more

than sleep walk

as I now move.

Although what I carry

cannot be named

safely, I must resist

the descent

to nightmares, ghoulish fascinations

of anxious wonderings,


If only I will, with hope,

hold subordination,


until I am unless.


3 thoughts on “Unless #SOL2022

  1. I’m struggling too, and hoping to do some fun writing this month while on a university break. I sat with my students to teach them how to use the “roll a story” prompts and it was fun! This really is such an important practice for teachers who are writers!

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