“I’m Really Into” 4/31 #SOL

I’m so fortunate to have colleagues who’ve become great friends and teaching partners. They challenge me when I need to be challenged, support me when I need support, and generally nerd out with me on all things pedagogical. I’m really into pedagogy and the writer’s practice right now, so when John Warner offered his online course “Teaching Writing With AI”, I signed up and realized some of my friends and fellow teachers are in the course, too!

We’ve been hanging out in a Google Meet every Saturday morning after breakfast to watch the videos and read some of the articles. We’ve done this for the past three weekends, and inevitably, the conversation meanders to our classroom experience, questions of practice we’ve been contemplating, and discussions around values in education. Tobi would make her usual apologies for taking the conversation in another direction and I’d find the threads of connection back to the course; it’s often all connected and related to student engagement and supporting the learners we have now.

That’s why her brilliant lesson using NPR’s podcast series I’m Really Into resonated with me today. Who doesn’t want to talk about the stuff that they are into?! She created her own slideshow and had students record podcasts like the ones on NPR’s website. She told me that this was inspired by Rebekah O’Dell and her Moving Writer’s material after she subscribed to her substack account.

And then, we found another iteration of the same concept posted this morning by the brilliant Casey Hackett. In a thread on Twitter she shared “I’m Really Into Visual Writing” which is part of her digital literacy unit with destreamed grade 9 and she added the lessons on using alt text inspired by another person on Twitter. Brilliant! I love when the universe brings concentric circles of sharing into these converging collaborations and it feels like destiny that I’ll be hosting a panel discussion with Casey tomorrow afternoon. (I’m seriously nerding out for this one!)

I’m not sure if my energy and enthusiasm came through today, but just in case your are wondering, I am REALLY into this unit and can’t wait to share another iteration of this unit.

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