Illusion 14/31 #SOL2023

I count the days before March break imagining long swaths of time on the sofa, under covers, in the bath. The “break” arrives and I sink into the freedom of unscheduled time on the Saturday and Sunday, revelling in two hour conversations with friends at coffee shops. I have nothing to worry about spending so much time because no unfinished work or thoughts badger me.

Then, Monday arrives and the illusion breaks. We have a broken washing machine so we take the time to shop and buy a new one, plan the installment, then visit a planner for the bathroom which needs renovating. Tuesday is the dental appointment that I scheduled six months ago, and before I know it the week is planned. Of course, I’m on a break and need to get things done.

Monday night breaks the illusion fully. I think that I’m sleepy. But, my scheduling mind has other ideas and sifts through school-related tasks that need attention. An hour into the tossing, I complete the calculations and decide to provide feedback to a minimum of 15 students per day to avoid the dreaded weekend-before-school hustle.

For me, March break shifts my attention from the people to the paper, from the community in person to the community online. I welcome the rest where planning for the future lessons happens, yet I also know by Tuesday that the long swaths of time of my imagination might just be an illusion.

6 thoughts on “Illusion 14/31 #SOL2023

  1. Oh, the best laid no plans! Try as we might, it can be a true challenge to leave work completely behind once we get a break. The illusion of unfettered time captures us time and time, again. But you are aware and not fighting it which I think must also count for something. Enjoy your remaining school free days.

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  2. Yes, yes, and yes — suddenly you went to get groceries, took the kids to the library, and coloured with them, suddenly you are making dinner. There goes a day.
    If you need it, and want it, here to check in for the 15 pieces of feedback a day. Also, blankets and not doing anything are good, too!

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  3. I used to make big plans for the break. Now I make a couple and let the week unfold. I do not let myself spend the whole time doing lessons plans. Those can wait. I will confess to thinking a lot this week about how three years ago it felt good knowing the break would be three weeks, though the way it turned into months wasn’t the best feeling.

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