Duke’s view

Why do they hide my food? And, have you seen the strange things moving about on the box mounted on the wall? Sometimes I see friends that I want to meet and I let my people know, but they just laugh or hold up their small screens to me.

It makes me sad. So I lie down, let out a long deep breath through my nostrils, look up with wide eyes, and they usually make comforting sounds in my direction. Sometimes it’s hard being a dog.

But sometimes it’s great because I get to nap almost anytime, and almost anywhere. My favourite place for a snooze is the bean bag chair parked perfectly between the kitchen and the dining room; I have full view of two windows, see everything that is going on, and I can track the squirrels in my yard that torment me.

My neighbourhood pals just passed by so I decide to whine, glancing out and back and forth hoping they will let me out to say hello…I mean, I’ll be friendly, I promise. I wag and pace the floor huffing and look out the window and pace back again nudging the walker’s knee. It hasn’t worked yet, but I keep trying because I know they love me.




11 thoughts on “Duke’s view

  1. File sounds like a grand fellow. Love the way Duke observes his humans’ cell phone use. Wish I’d thought of that. I’d love to see a photo of Duke. I wrote from the point of view of one of my dog’s today, too.

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  2. Aww, dogs are awesome. Thank you for sharing this slice about yours, who looks a little like our brown and white cockapoo, Oliver. I love the way you looked at life from the dog’s eyes. Living in the present, that’s key!

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