Table Poem #SOL2022 17/31

When you have time in the morning, sitting at the breakfast table, select a word from each column to create a line and repeat until you find something meaningful to you.


12 thoughts on “Table Poem #SOL2022 17/31

  1. I absolutely love this idea! I can see myself using it with my fourth graders. I can see us crafting one together, where each kid develops one line and we blend them all together for one piece. We can use it as a way of talking about order in our poems – how can we place the lines to best play with juxtaposition and power? You’ve got me THINKING!

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  2. I love how the mood/feeling of what you choose can totally change, and how this could be the beginnings of another piece. For some reason, I could imagine using a different sentence in the beginning of a new chapter of a fiction novel. There is so much there that is unsaid that could be.

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